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3Hook Review

3Hook is a dating app built for swingers and bisexuals. For anyone looking for a unique threesome dating app, 3Hook is the best option. It provides you with an opportunity to meet exciting couples and singles near you who are ready for threesome dating. Based on your preferences, 3Hook enables you to find friends or partners around you easily.

The 3Hook app is a dating app that enables swingers, bisexuals, and couples to find a partner for a threesome. Anyone looking for like-minded singles so that they can go on a threesome date, a threesome hookup, or build a relationship that may last long can enroll on the 3Hook platform. It does not discriminate, and men, women, couples, bisexuals, and transgender humans can all register and fulfill their wishes.

When someone looking for a partner to have a threesome or out to look for a match based on their preferences joins 3Hook, they can easily find what they are looking for. In short, everyone is looking for a good time in a throuple fits. You can quickly get nearby single men, women, and couples. It does not matter whether you are looking for a MFF or MMF threesome encounter. You can find F/F couple, F/M couple, and M/M couple to join FFM or MMF threesome.

The platform also facilitates online swinger dating and clubs. The platform provides you with an opportunity to find people who match your preferences, chat with them, and make friends. Singles and couples ready for hookups are also available on the platform.3Hook does not favor or show bias towards a particular group. You can meet unicorns and the cuckold on the app.

Getting Started on 3Hook

A lot of dating apps ask you to link your Facebook account to find connections. The result is the infiltration of your third party app information, making it risky and an easy target for online predators. With your information out there, you can be an easy target for cyberbullying and, in some cases, financial demands from bullies.

3Hook provides you with a platform to create a standalone account only using your phone number. The best thing is that 3Hook is available for mobile phone users. Android users can download, register, and use the app here. As of now, 3Hook does not have a desktop website or an app for iOS users.

Creating an account on 3Hook is simple, and you do not experience any complications. You only have to answer a standard questionnaire which requires knowing whether you are interested in men, women, or both sexes. You will also have to select your preferred age, distance within which you want matches, religion, and ethnicity.

All those categories are there to help you set your preferences to not see people who do not interest you. The idea is to make you meet your match in the shortest time possible, chat, and hook up for a good time. Additionally, fake accounts are not supported. 3Hook conducts a profile verification process, and you have to fill all the required fields.

What can you do on 3Hook?

3Hook enables you to do a variety of things online. Because you are on 3Hook either as an singles or a couple looking for a threesome partner, the process is made simple. 3Hook enables you to discover single men, women, and couples around you. Couples include F/F, F/M, M/M. All these people are available based on your preferences. 3Hook does not show you the people you are not interested in.

Once you find your match, you can either choose to have a casual or serious relationship. On the platform, you can find like-minded individuals, chat, and become friends with strangers. And because there are no fake accounts, you connect with verified members only and hold meaningful chats, which are always fruitful for you both have common interests.

The Interface and Profiles

The 3Hook user interface is easy to comprehend. There are no hidden procedures that you should understand. Since on sign up you indicate the type of people you are interested in, 3Hook shows you suggestions of the people you may like. Based on the looks, you use a finger to either swipe to the left or to the right to indicate whether you want them and can engage them.

Once you show interest in someone, you can view their profile to learn more about them. The information on the profile may include politics, height, work, and their level of schooling. Viewing the profiles is an easy task because the interface is a simplified one. 3Hook understands that the first thing someone wants to check out about their match is their photos.

The app makes it easy for you to scroll through the photos of your match. It is no brainer that you need to first get attracted to the other person’s physical appearance for a hookup to happen. You can either view the photos within the profile or on full-screen mode if you want a closer look.

The Pros and Cons of 3Hook

3Hook presents you with a lot of advantages. It gives you an easy to use interface and shows you the profiles of verified individuals. You are therefore not at risk of meeting a scammer on 3Hook. The best thing is that the individuals you chat with are within your locality, and you can plan for physical hookups.

On the cons side, verification by 3Hook requires that you enter all the required information. Some people may find it to be too much information. However, providing the information only works for your benefit. 3Hook uses that information to show you the best matches available for you in your area.


With 3Hook, you can meet singles and couples looking for a threesome partner. There are many bisexuals and couples you can chat with, and you can plan a hookup or swinger dating depending on your preferences. Also, whether you are a unicorn or a cuckold, 3Hook does not discriminate. It is the best app for you to meet your threesome partner.

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